This 2011 , Baja California has the honor of chairing the XXIX Border Governors Conference in the beautiful city of Ensenada.

Although the Governors Conference was convened since the beginning of 1960 , this process was formalized until 1980. The first Border Governors Conference held in Ciudad Juarez , Chihuahua , on 26 and 27 June 1980 , being the host state of Chihuahua and New Mexico as Vice President. The first issues of the conference were : Tourism, Ecology, Cultural Exchange , Energy and Commerce , Pollution, Agriculture, Maquila and Industrial Development and the exchange of undocumented workers. After the conference a Declaration of Friendship was signed by 10 governors.

Since then he has tried to hold an annual conference, the venue alternating between the U.S. and Mexico . However, the V conference is not held in 1985. The Sixth Conference was held two years later in 1987 and the seventh in 1989. Since 1989 the Conference has successfully maintained an annual celebration until the XIII when only a Governor of the United States confirmed their attendance , leaving the Mexican states to conduct this conference in Creel , Chihuahua.

Attendance at the conference reached 1,200 attendees at the XII Conference in Phoenix. In 1995, by agreement of all 10 governors and in preparation for the XIV Conference in Santa Fe, the format was changed to an attendance of 110 people (10 governors, 20 representatives of the governors and 80 delegates from each state ) allowing a real quality time between the governors to discuss issues of mutual interest , as well representatives and delegates could discuss in depth some border issues. There were 4 topics for discussion at this conference : Odds on Border Crossings , Shares Migration Services , Border Crossings Transportation TLC Supplies , Clear Price Stores and Closing U.S. Consulates in Mexico . Over the years, the size and scope of the conference have increased from 5 current topics of interest to the 13 Working Groups.

Since the first conference , the Declaration of Friendship gave way and subsequently the Joint Communiqué from the Conference XIV to the Joint Declaration. In the XI Conference in Monterrey , besides the Joint Communiqué, 10 governors signed a declaration supporting Monterrey NAFTA . Since that time it has added another component to the Declaration, the Appendix section of the Governors. Additionally, in any year the Governors will sign letters and Memorandum of Understanding aimed at the federal governments of each country , to attract more importance and scrutiny to consider an issue of vital importance for the region , as well as strategic research analysis for the benefit of the border region United States – Mexico .