I won the lottery

I played the lotto and centered my vibrations to gratitude, blessings and praises. I recognized all the great thoughts and I focused on them (wealth, abundance,joy, happiness, love and gratitude for everything I had)and I felt them all on the inside. I thought about it and I focused consistantly on it and I won the lottery!

Supporting Actions:

Feeling satisfaction + gratitude with everything in my life, writting it down and seeing it.
Sending out blessing and praises constantly for anything in my sights.
Sending out blessing and praises for people in my life.
Keeping affirmations handy as a quick frequency shifter.
Thanking and thanking and more thanking for having this day.
Thanking and thanking and more thanking for my mind being the creative power of all things.
Using visuals to focus on my intention and my feelings of having it now!

Background Information:

So that I am an example to share, help and empower others because it is my true calling!

Does smart & socially aware = buzzkill?

The Little Nutball, junior activistIt has come to our attention that The Little Nutball has become her kindergarten class’s junior PETA spokesperson on the topic of marine prison camps. “Don’t go to Marineland! The orcas and dolphins want to be free!” and “They would live longer in the ocean. But Marineland keeps taking them, and they keep dying, so then they buy more.”

We’ve never had to fend off requests by her to go to MarineLand or to the circus, because we’ve always been upfront about what these places mean for animals. Marine theme parks mean a life of captivity for creatures meant to travel open expanses of sea, form family alliances and hunt for dinner. Not only are countless of their numbers killed or injured during capture, the “lucky” ones spend the rest of their lives circling in a concrete pool when they are not performing, literally, for their daily food rations. “Imagine being grounded in your bedroom, forever and ever until you died,” is how we put it. “And then they put someone else into your cage with you, and he was also grounded, plus you two didn’t even like each other but you had nowhere to go.”

We’ve also been discussing the brutality animals suffer in the name of circuses: beatings, shocks, being torn away from their families.

It’s incredible how open kids are to seeing the reality of the more insipid commercial activities being marketed directly at them. I don’t think we give them enough credit.

And besides, they still have plenty of opportunity to be entertained while siphoning money from our wallets. The indoor waterpark at Niagara Falls has become our default mindless-fun activity, and going for a boat ride in Sanibel, Florida, while wild dolphins chose to race beside the boat, was thrilling for us all. And we’ve become huge Cirque de Soleil fans. All told, more than enough fun to see us through the summer.

More on Vaccines

After posting the two links to the CNN interviews with Jennifer McCarthy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talking about vaccines a few weeks back I had quite a few emails asking questions about vaccines and their contents.

So when I was sent a few links that are filled with information about what’s in your vaccines I figured you guys would like to have access to them too. The first two links are from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in the U.S. and they detail the ingredients in vaccines. This is particularly useful for those individuals who may be sensitive to certain foods or chemicals that need to be avoided. The last one is a series of links to different published science articles, Pub Med abstracts and government websites that detail general information as well as recent studies’ findings about these vaccine ingredients. They offer findings on both sides of the fence – a good balanced resource.

Manuka Honey benefits

We all know that bees use floral nectar to make honey.  Some people think that all honey is the same.  However, this is not true.  There are many different types and the differences are all predicated on the floral nectar component.  In New Zealand, a unique plant exists called the Manuka Tea Tree.  This plant grows a flower that produces a very special kind of nectar.  It’s the nectar from this plant that contains all of the unique healing qualities that people have come to expect from Manuka Honey.  When the honeybees gather the nectar from the Manuka plant, the honey they make contains more healing properties than any other type of honey in the world.

Honey was used as a medicine long before modern-day medicine was invented.  Now that consumers are growing more interested in natural therapeutic alternatives, they are more willing to revert back to old remedies that are proving to be equally as, if not more than, effective as traditional forms of medicine.  Since pharmaceuticals are becoming more recognized for their negative side effects, alternative treatment solutions are being taken more seriously.

Manuka Honey is considered to be a natural antimicrobial agent and has been used as a medicine in New Zealand for decades.  Recently, word of its amazing healing ability has spread around the world.  Clinical studies have revealed that it contains natural antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties.  Since many health complications are caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites, logic would dictate that it can be used as a viable treatment source.

Besides, it has many medical applications, both internally and externally.  When taken orally, anecdotal reports suggest that it is successful in treating conditions such as stomach aches, stomach ulcers, sore throats, strep throat, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux disease, gastritis, urinary tract infections, etc.  When applied topically to the skin, the honey is used to treat wounds, burns, acne, eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, MRSA Staph infections, chronic wounds, bedsores, skin ulcers, surgical wounds, etc.  It is ideal for treating bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

It is also very rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.  More so than any other type of honey.  If diluted with water, it can be used to flush out the nasal passage way to treat sinus infections.  It also contains very powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to soothe muscle pain and stiffness.  The possibilities are endless.

It is important to only use medical-grade Manuka Honey if you intend to use it for medical purposes, as not all contains the proper potency of natural healing properties.  Active one with a UMF rating between 10-18 is ideal for medicinal use.  The honey with a lessor potency may not be strong enough to yield the desired results.  This supplement with overly potent is unnecessary and can sometimes cause sensitivity.

Weight Lifting Program Chart

Looking for a new place to go for weight loss resources? Well, this site is one of the best place for congestive heart failure symptoms that we at Causes Of Heart Attack have found. You will find deep resources related to:

diet plans
early warning signs of a stroke
types of heart disease
congestive heart failure symptoms

diet plans topics are pretty close to heart attack symptoms topics here at Causes Of Heart Attack. So, we hope you enjoy this review of Weight Lifting Program Chart and use the site to augment what you already know about heart health. coconut oil articles are common, and the discussions at the site cover everything from types of heart disease to early warning signs of a stroke.

diet plans topics are pretty close to heart attack symptoms topics here at Causes Of Heart Attack. So, we hope you enjoy this review of Weight Lifting Program Chart and use the site to augment what you already know about heart health. coconut oil articles are common, and the discussions at the site cover everything from types of heart disease to early warning signs of a stroke.

If you do not find the ideal body weight information you seek from Weight Lifting Program Chart, then come on back to Causes Of Heart Attack and let us know. We want to make sure you have only the most complete heart attack and heart health information possible. You know that how does the heart work information is always more useful when coupled with weight conversion chart expertise and stories about prostate cancer. Feel free to email us with any questions related to our normal topics like heart attack symptoms and heart health, and of course you can also email us about articles like this stroke warning sign review. We like to thank all of our Causes Of Heart Attack readers for visiting and reading up on new cancer drugs topics. And, in the case of this Weight Lifting Program Chart review, we would like to continue this tradition and say thank you and come back any time you need info on heart health.

Is Pleurisy Contagious

Cough, chest tenderness, and shortness of breath are. 1 CONTAGIOUS BOVINE PLEUROPNEUMONIA Aetiology Epidemiology Diagnosis Prevention and Control References AETIOLOGY Classification of the causative agent.

Pleurisy, also known as pleuritis, is a condition that results from the swelling of the linings of the lungs and chest. Is one that perhaps should not be asked. Pleurisy is a lung condition that affects the tissue that lines your chest and lungs. Learn about pleurisy symptoms such as chest pain, cough, shortness of breath, and fever. When those tissues swell or become inflamed, that is known as a. Pleurisy affects the membranes that line the chest cavity and around the lungs. Learn about Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, Acne, Acute Bronchitis in Adults, Alcohol Abuse, Allergic reactions, Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis, Dizziness and Vertigo.

My grandmother just a week ago, suffered a pretty Is Pleurisy Contagious big respiratory illness. I heard once that if you have something that is contagious, for example, Is Pleurisy Contagious respiratory diseases and you are taking an antibiotic, you are no. The question: Is pneumonia contagious? How to Recognize the Symptoms of Pleurisy. These 2 layers of membranes are separated by a thin layer of fluid that allows them to. She went Is Pleurisy Contagious into respiratory failure and stayed on a respiator for approx 3 days. Almost everyone reading this article is infected. Oz discussed a highly contagious, extremely exhausting and even deadly virus: The Epstein-Barr Virus. This topic provides information about pleurisy, which usually results in chest pain. Everything you need to know about is croup contagious for adults, including the most common causes, symptoms and treatments. Acute Lung Infection Antibiotics For Lung Infection Asthma Lung Infection Baby Lung Infection Bacteria Lung Infection Bacterial Bronchial Bacterial Pleurisy. The transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is the causative agent for tuberculosis, is usually through person-to. The walls of your lungs are covered with a thin tissue. Pleurisy, an inflammation of the lining around the lungs, is associated with sharp chest pain upon breathing in. Board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician. These airways are the windpipes that directly connect to the lungs. Steven Doerr, MD, is a U.

Find Disabilities articles at a free articles directory. TB infection is a contagious disease that. Although pneumonia is classified as an infectious disease, it does not behave as one. Find out more about the symptoms and causes of pleurisy, including a virus, bacteria, cancer, and how to treat the condition.

Bronchitis is the swelling of the bronchial tubes, Is Pleurisy Contagious otherwise known as the airways. Pulmonary Edema or Lung Water, is the medical term for fluid filled lungs. Steven Is Pleurisy Contagious Doerr, MD.

Flu, also known as influenza, is a respiratory illness caused by a virus. AGRIMONY HERB – Stops bleeding, diarrhea, gout, gargled for throat inflammations, inflammation of gall. Pleurisy Information Including Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes, Videos, Forums, and local community support. Is this topic for you? The lungs are two large (normally) air filled organs that fill most of our chest.

Warner Natural Herbs located in Crossville, Tennessee. Residents of nursing homes present a higher risk for becoming ill from contagious. If you have chest pain that concerns you and. How Long is Bronchitis Contagious Bronchitis can be caused due to a variety of reasons like viral infection, bacterial infection, smoking, exposure to. Submit your articles for free distribution and find Disabilities content for your website. Pleurisy is inflammation of the lining of the lungs and chest (the pleura) that leads to chest pain (usually sharp) when you take a breath or cough.

The pleural cavity (area between Is Pleurisy Contagious lungs and.